Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Harvest Project

If you wrap shit in a very elegant bag, and name it Shi'ziet you will sell a whole lot more than just selling shit in a bag called shit. So too does the same apply when you label a senseless killing, a barbaric killing as a passion killing. The word alone misconceived their already simple minded notion of owning a partner like property, that in their loss they are in righteous believe that they may take action of grievest nature.

A question that has me searching the deepest parts of my consciousness and my darkest parts of being human is; 'What are we to do, how best will we salvage sanity from a insane and irrational act? How do we handle passion killers, and rapist, child rapist, rapist of our social and humane being? How do we seek justice from murderers, thieves?' Because our current stance on the matter doesn't reap any progress of change for the better.


Out of the dark corner of humanity comes a voice, and it says; 'Let's salvage life from their dying beings... Let's take from them and in that punishment, find their retribution in the potential to save others!'

Rehabilitation is possible, given that the occupant is willing to rehabilitate, willing that the social living standard, the current state be it mental and physical will allow this occupant to rehabilitate in his normal day to day living, or the struggle of a day to day living!

But with a passion killing, with a rape upon a woman, a child, rehabilitation seems not to satisfy, quench, nor sooth an aching soul better than that of revenge. Hate begets hate, savageness begets savageness and rehabilitation is lost on the sanity of insane actions.

I do not condone the death sentence, merely because I see it not fulfilling any purpose other than dragging out pain and causing more. Nor do I believe in our prison system, as it merely houses criminals to better their skills and while experiencing free housing and lodging on TAX payers wallet watch.

But what I do believe in, what I will campaign for, what I will justify against the activist, the oppressors and the general masses over and over... Is the potential to do good through acts of bestiality upon mankind. I may not believe in the death penalty, but I do believe in sentencing a offender to his retribution by allowing his organs to be harvested, (humanely of course, well... that will have to depend on the severity of his deeds.) Every single usable lung, kidney, blood vessel his physical capsule of a tainted scorched soul may house will be harvested. 'Even a bad seed will reap fruits of life with the hand of the righteous gardner who watches over it.' -Anonymous


It may seem barbaric to some, but to me it's a means to justify and retribute a current state of perpetual dismay. Apart from the benefits of upgrading our transplant unit, ending the black market of organ trade and bettering the living expectations of thousands on transplant list. It will also put into motion the realization, that the penalty for ones crime, will be that of a pound per flesh. And this will not only be subjected to the hardest crimes, but to all.

No longer do we have to stand and fork out for the living conditions of prisoners while serving their terms, their sentences may be lightened by their contribution to the harvest project. Loosing a kidney, or a any organ might weigh heavy on an individual who contemplates on doing the same crime, or any crime when they have full concept of the penalty.


My opposition may say that we are not cattle to be harvested, we are not animals to be lead to the abattoir, yet we act like animals when we do to our kind what is lightly described as savaged attacks on our humanity, I will say to my apposition. We have become complacent in the acceptance of how we hare held hostage by these attacks, these crimes. Our freedom is merely an illusion to the reality that we are infact sentenced to a term in confinement. But we will set ourselves free from this grip of fear if we harvest for new life.

'Even a bad seed will reap fruits of life with the hand of the righteous gardner who watches over it.' -Anonymous


Good day and good luck.


The President's Desk


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