Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Harvest Project

If you wrap shit in a very elegant bag, and name it Shi'ziet you will sell a whole lot more than just selling shit in a bag called shit. So too does the same apply when you label a senseless killing, a barbaric killing as a passion killing. The word alone misconceived their already simple minded notion of owning a partner like property, that in their loss they are in righteous believe that they may take action of grievest nature.

A question that has me searching the deepest parts of my consciousness and my darkest parts of being human is; 'What are we to do, how best will we salvage sanity from a insane and irrational act? How do we handle passion killers, and rapist, child rapist, rapist of our social and humane being? How do we seek justice from murderers, thieves?' Because our current stance on the matter doesn't reap any progress of change for the better.


Out of the dark corner of humanity comes a voice, and it says; 'Let's salvage life from their dying beings... Let's take from them and in that punishment, find their retribution in the potential to save others!'

Rehabilitation is possible, given that the occupant is willing to rehabilitate, willing that the social living standard, the current state be it mental and physical will allow this occupant to rehabilitate in his normal day to day living, or the struggle of a day to day living!

But with a passion killing, with a rape upon a woman, a child, rehabilitation seems not to satisfy, quench, nor sooth an aching soul better than that of revenge. Hate begets hate, savageness begets savageness and rehabilitation is lost on the sanity of insane actions.

I do not condone the death sentence, merely because I see it not fulfilling any purpose other than dragging out pain and causing more. Nor do I believe in our prison system, as it merely houses criminals to better their skills and while experiencing free housing and lodging on TAX payers wallet watch.

But what I do believe in, what I will campaign for, what I will justify against the activist, the oppressors and the general masses over and over... Is the potential to do good through acts of bestiality upon mankind. I may not believe in the death penalty, but I do believe in sentencing a offender to his retribution by allowing his organs to be harvested, (humanely of course, well... that will have to depend on the severity of his deeds.) Every single usable lung, kidney, blood vessel his physical capsule of a tainted scorched soul may house will be harvested. 'Even a bad seed will reap fruits of life with the hand of the righteous gardner who watches over it.' -Anonymous


It may seem barbaric to some, but to me it's a means to justify and retribute a current state of perpetual dismay. Apart from the benefits of upgrading our transplant unit, ending the black market of organ trade and bettering the living expectations of thousands on transplant list. It will also put into motion the realization, that the penalty for ones crime, will be that of a pound per flesh. And this will not only be subjected to the hardest crimes, but to all.

No longer do we have to stand and fork out for the living conditions of prisoners while serving their terms, their sentences may be lightened by their contribution to the harvest project. Loosing a kidney, or a any organ might weigh heavy on an individual who contemplates on doing the same crime, or any crime when they have full concept of the penalty.


My opposition may say that we are not cattle to be harvested, we are not animals to be lead to the abattoir, yet we act like animals when we do to our kind what is lightly described as savaged attacks on our humanity, I will say to my apposition. We have become complacent in the acceptance of how we hare held hostage by these attacks, these crimes. Our freedom is merely an illusion to the reality that we are infact sentenced to a term in confinement. But we will set ourselves free from this grip of fear if we harvest for new life.

'Even a bad seed will reap fruits of life with the hand of the righteous gardner who watches over it.' -Anonymous


Good day and good luck.


The President's Desk


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Illegitimate Bastered Child of Exile

The illegitimate child of our liberation struggle has now come of age and is demanding their rightful place within this dysfunctional family.  Like the unwanted child born out of wedlock, banished to the outhouse while we try and diplomatically handle this scenario rages on, all the while trying not to disturb the children born within the union of independence, time waste on to no resolution in site for them.

Its a weak hand that is dealt to some, and no falser hand was dealt to our exile children with promise of equality, reimbursement of harsh times and rightful placement within our society.  Now, even more displaced than what they were, they have become a problem to the powers that be, an eye soar not easily hidden from the public space as they have so harshly protested. What was meant to be a glorious arrival from their exile standings has turned into a media nightmare for government. 
I find it hard not to see that if this was an election year, this matter would have gone a completely different route. But alas its not an election year, and this problem will cease to be remembered when it is that time.  Unless... of course a strategic move is made by a underdog candidate to strengthen his position, but that will leave him open and exposed, and while frankly the numbers of our exile children is just not strong enough to carry a majority vote.  And so they get passed around like a unwanted bastered suckling from ministry to ministry, leaving no one to actually know what to do with them.

Some of the options being looked at is reimbursement for their hardship.  Now if the payout to the old veterans was any warning, a financial replacement without proper management education is a doomed endeavour. Which may well results in a useless spending or shebeen business enrichment.  But who knows, maybe that is what government secretly strive for.  The crippling by poverty and enslaved addiction cost less than actually having them generate a sustainable living standard.  Unless of course its through tenders... well there is a great idea, lets oil the hands and get them tenders, have them build, renovate this country.  Do the labour that free independence is build on. 

Or there is the option of housing them at UNAM, educate and liberate them in our independent republic.  This serves both parties (and by parties I mean government and exile children, not the ruling and only party.) where by we educate and grow them while subsequently ensuring a educated workforce for years to come.  But then who forks the bill?  Surely not the government alone?  I mean we are independent now so we owe them do we not.  TAX payers will stand for it, like we do everything else. 

Personally my alternative to this whole saga... China!!!  Yes, that's right, China!!!  lets incorporate the same policy that we experiance daily within our country.  Clearly all these comrades we see around, be it in the ever expanding ever growing Chinatowns found in EVERY TOWN in Namibia, or in the construction companies with the major tenders for massive money wasting museums, or just the average Chang in his very expensive car with the most ridiculous personalised number plate EVER! roaming the streets, are here on our infamous cannot-pay-back-our-loan-here's-citizenship-in-exchange diplomatic policy, (surely you don't think all of them are here on a holiday visa or a work visa?) Why not strengthen our oh so ever blackmailing relationship by having our exiles resettled in China.  There is educational opportunities, work prospects, chance for the Chinese to learn our languages before they immigrate here with their citizenship.  The choices are endless, and yes, that ailing question will be answered; "what to do with these kids' heaven forbid we find them a place within our society, within their own country. A major plus would also be that they might just be treated better there than in their own country. 

Good day, and good luck

From the

President's Desk

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Is the end too late to fight back..?

Declaration to our coming generation... With a burden conscious I write this declaration, My heart weights heavy for you our coming generation. They have raped bare what they could from Africa's  inhabitants, her womb no longer able to give life with soul within, except what their factories produced in artificial cohabitants. We stood ideally by and were govern by law bought by men, yet we were born free by the law of man governing the men. We took their words when they told us the lies of ages, Never gathering our own knowledge, never learning from the book with the stained pages. A stain still heard on the breath of my before fathers, A stain still seen in the tears of my here mothers. We were the cradle of civilization, giving birth to the worlds expnading family tree, Yet we allowed them to keep us in the dark to resemble our skin and let them poison our wisdom stream. Now we find ourselves aged and dying, Broken by all we have been subjected to and by their lying. You being our only hope are cursed with tainted land, As our ignorance caused rise to our defeat, our dreams now baried under our countries sand... This is my declaration. My declaration from my ending generation... From  The President's Desk

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Is the cream of the crop… not just a little too expired?

Is the cream of the crop… not just a little too expired?

With the campaigning, or shall we say the silent camouflage tendering for the 2014 presidential candidates take its course, I can’t but sit back and wonder, should we look at our candidates age limit or shall we take that age brings wisdom… (It is far easier to grow old, than to become wiser… - Anonymous)

There is no law prohibiting a candidate from running for election or being elected president due to age, except to be or older than 35. If the candidate is of sound mind and good physical health, they are eligible for election no matter their age. With that said, in our short 22 years of independence we have seen only two elected presidents. The first was 61 years of age when elected, 65 in his second term and then 70 in his final term. Our second president was 69 years old when elected and 75 when re-elected in his second term. As the current stance in the ruling party, come election year 2014 our age pool will be held from the youngest 62 years (and I do apologies for knowing a lady’s age) to the eldest 73 years. Not omitting the other campaigning parties, but if no drastic changes is experienced, this will be our age pool in the running for Presidency.

This should be of no concern to me, but what has me slightly concerned is a recent epiphany to a lingering thought. We vote for a leader, for a President whom to the majority of voters, winning voters, believe they are the best candidate. We see them campaigning our concerns, we see them rallying our frustrations with our current situations, we hear their game plan to rid poverty, to strengthen unity, to build more jobs and decrease unemployment, to root out corruption, the list is endless, but it is what we wish to hear. We see who is going to be our candidate. We wish to hear how someone takes ownership and takes the realms and leads us to a better nation. And although they might only in their term, address 30% of what their platform was based on, then wish to be reelected so they can try harder the next time, but it’s better than nothing (True, but just a side note, we should stop accepting anything better than nothing. It’s not only our mentality towards our government we should change, its towards our self worth, that determines our living standards). So we elect our President, we have him fit into his office, or build a new one, whichever he wishes… we end up paying for it. We let him settle into the affairs of a nation, we let him find his feet, and this all knowing that once he… my deepest apologies or she (our iron lady is also in the running men.) is settled in… will they tackle our frustrations, the ones that he (or) she promised to eradicate. So we wait, and office is taken, other countries get invited to be introduced, our President flies out to announce and mingle, and then it seems something is happening. Through the grape gossiping corridors we hear about change being implemented, we hear that there is something brewing (and no, it’s not that local delicacy), but to our farthest and grimmest thoughts our President falls ill, or has serious heart-kidneys-gout-high blood pressure complications due to the lavish life they live, and is admitted into hospital. Case worsens for our President, and now cabinet is faced with the unthinkable… Protocol “BRAHMAN BULL/COW DOWN” is called on the table. The state now belongs to the Vice, the second in charge, the Prime second, the one no one voted for, the one no one knows where his (or) her stance on the nation lies. The behind the curtains, the chosen one within the party selected by the party and not by the people but for the party, is now the ruler of the country.

Now considering the fact our old veterans, who fought for liberation and independence, and now sitting in prestige positions are gunning for that main role, and not stomping on anyone’s goals or dream achievements, but are we sure we would want more veterans to lead the country. Not anything against their abilities, but merely a concern that in our past 22 years of independence we have had only veterans lead the country, and since the change over from president one to president two in the same ruling party, not much has changed or improved with regards to current affairs. Why? Maybe because the trail of action and re-action is set primary on common thought. No disrespect to our freedom fighters, and all the sacrifice done for this country, but all those years of fighting for the same goal, and now being in the role of leadership, has the goals changed or do they still all think as troopers? As a unit in war, a common goal, objective united their efforts, now the battlefield has changed to the republic champers and the governing of a country, but the same unit, that once had the same objective is the ruling party. In 22 years progress has been made, but the stagniticity of many ailing subjects still remain, or have worsened over the reign of power. We all know the saying, you cannot teach a old dog new tricks, so too with changing the mindset, or goal set of veteran fighters of a liberation struggle.

Like the pursuit for a Utopia, so too is the idealist wishes for a revolutionist to rule the nation. Not a rebel, but a revolutionist, a thinker rather than a brute actionist. We have had brute actionist, they fought, and won our freedom. Yet the ruling, the taking a nation to the next higher level is a task best bestowed upon a thinker, with a acting cabinet made up of actionist. In theory, this is a union that shows a change, a productive and thriving nation. In theory it is endless possibilities that stretch every corner of all crippling frustrations. In theory it is where it will stay until we take that step to making it real.
The world does not belong to the one that holds on longer and tighter to the past, but to the one that changes with the tides.

Good day and good luck.

From the
President’s Desk

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Why not TAX sex[workers]...

Here’s a thought… how about legalizing prostitution?  Now… how about Taxing said legalized prostitution?  That’s right, I said it!  Lets tax people getting screwed, like all the rest of us getting screwed by tax.  Kidding of course,  about the tax screwing us I mean, I’m dead serious about the legalizing of prostitution, and taxing it.

For ease of mind, I will debate the pros and cons for you now. 
Legalizing prostitution will send the statistics rocketing, take your pick of which ones; Aids/HIV/STD’s, crime, drug abuse, human trafficking, the list is endless. (let’s be honest, it’s not like we are living in Utopia at this moment, we are/were faced with these problems from the get go.)  Not to mention that prostitution is commercially exploitable (of course it is, sex sells doesn’t it).  And that it holds no moral values to that of a community, or city.  Prostitution is a degrading abuse against woman, and a repression against woman by men  (so is our day to day living standards where alcohol abuse and domestic violence is leading the polls of increasing crime against woman). Legalizing this after dark special will only lead to the determent of the city and government.  It, like all illegal happenings should be irradiated from society like a cancerous cell (Bringing it out in the open would be the first step I would assume, you irradiate it the moment you make it legal and not a sin for all culprits to hide in the shadows).  The establishments that will be set up to house these deeds will negatively affect the area where it is situated and have property value diminish, more so than the influx of foreign residence in pop up apartment complexes (who’s not to say or know that it may even lift the standards of current living situations of half our population at the moment.)

Now on the other hand, legalizing prostitution will better our current stance of affairs (How, by making it more acceptable for affairs outside a union of marriage, having more public figures engage in it openly than in the dark like they do now?).  Reduce the crime against women and men because unlike contrary belief a small percentage of prostitutes are male (Or just give way for more and more syndicates to open up these establishments to exploit more and more [wo]man for greater profits?).  Also improving the health awareness of the public (How, this will result in more status being withheld for fear of not being able to continue with the practice due to your status), increasing our countries revenue with taxable earnings (who will set that up, we are just allowing another form of corruption to filter through.  Who’s not to say that greed will prevent them from disclosing their income? Why not tax the taxi association, because like prostitution you have no control over how to regulate or record their income. ), it will fight against an ever increasing poverty epidemic we are faced with (surely there are other forms of fighting poverty than legalizing prostitution?  Why not start a industrial workshop to educate more workers, start exporting raw material, take on contracts from other countries to supply fabricated equipment, garments, steal works etc.  The possibilities are there, we should not just jump at the easiest form of it.)  .  Legalizing prostitution will take them off the streets, cleaning up the image perceived when driving past most of the known illegal operating areas.  Primarily, legalization will lead to a more conscious and responsible act in which consenting adults will have the choice of making.

My conclusion is this; A productive result can be reached by using the taxable revenue from prostitution.  A free or partially free medical care can be provided.  Educational outreach, homeless self sufficient programs, extra contribution to pensioners are but some initiatives that can be addressed.  Both sides have valid points to fight against or for it.  Your views are yours, your believes are yours, but this country is ours, and at our current rate we might not have a self sufficient and producing continuous society for our comming generations.  This is merely one form of utilizing a very sad, brutal, but common occurrence like prostitution that a positive outcome can be birthed from.

You may not agree with this, or you may.  But bare in mind that no matter  which side you find yourself on, you have a ‘beings’ responsibility to try and better your current surroundings, for yourself and your fellow ‘beings’.

Good day and good luck.

The Presidents Desk

Monday, 14 May 2012

No fading to black …

I don’t sing!  I, to the determent of my inner secretive ambition of being a groupie-covered singing star, was not blessed with the vocal astonishment we find ourselves to be serenaded by singers.  But that does not stop me from being an opera singer in the shower or a diva in my car.

I do not write poetry!  I, was not graced with the touch of the articulated gift of expressing my most inner journeys to a rhyme or a set.  But that does not stop me from expressing my inner journeys.

I don’t judge… much!  I, have not learned the art of a judgmental free living were we encourage rather than degrade.  But that does not stop me from trying to be the change I strive to see in myself each day.

I do not dance!  I, am not the elegant swan floating so gentle through and around the dance floor, presence as light as a feather, barely touching the space surrounding the dance.  But that does not stop me from breaking it down in my bull-in-a-china-shop way, with a swan in my arms.

I don’t brag… enough!  I, do not have accumulated enough character and charisma from my family and friends within my life to brag about my swag constantly for 24 hours of the day.  I’m only up to 17 hours a day at the moment.  But that does not stop me from trying to dream about my blessings for 7 hours.

I do not stop here!  Because I am not done in my journey of change.  I’m progress not perfection… yet!

Good day and good luck.

The Presidents Desk

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A state of mental...

We are faced with a state of emergency!

I say again, 'We are faced with a state of emergency!'  Our being as we know it is in jeopardy!
It is in jeopardy of dying premature, to become extinct long before our courts are adjured,
Economy is failing us, our education is degrading us, our health care is lying to us, and still we only care about us- (self's).

Our mentality is that of consumption and acquiring, yet we are crippling more resources than what our need for is requiring.
We breed a generation of  'Life owes us something...!'  Instead of nurturing a nation of 'lets make a change, lets start today and do something!'
Ignorance is bliss to the ignorant, and war can only be talked about by the dead, yet ignorance is what government strive for, and war is a capitalisation of pain, wait I'm a veteran too wheres my payout? What did I fight for?

Tenders are how we all wish to get rich, yet I can't bribe my way past this receptionist b... witch, where deep pockets with flashy cars and nice suits hold hostage over that cash cow, yet government turn a blind eye because they get to feed their fat cow.
A classic story of a dog and its tail, we try and catch unjust and corruption by setting up a govern, yet the same hand that takes a bribe is the same hand that governs the govern.

We work for hours on end, to get paid nothing, to be able to buy next to nothing, and yet have to get up and do it all over again, before we are left out in the cold, with nothing.
And at the end of the day all my TAX dollars go to Uncle Sam, and still I loose out on the face value of my dollar as its branded with brother Sam...

Good day and good luck

The Presidents Desk